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All makes, models and engine types.

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Often Imitated NEVER duplicated

Cleans Fuel System & Engine

Increase fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance

Reduces Carbon Build Up

Better performance. Smoother running

Increases Horsepower

More overall power and torque.

Cleaner Oil

Less wear and friction

Increase Fuel Mileage

More miles to the gallon / Km to the liter.

Decreases Harmful Emissions

Decrease toxins and CO2 released into environment.

One pack of Tabs could eliminate up to 469.98 lbs of CO2

Great for your wallet and the environment

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to invent one of the most timely, fuel saving products on the planet, it just so happens that our chemist is.

OEM Compliant

Our patented formula releases all of fuel's energy without altering fuel's chemistry. 100% Safe.

Worldwide Patent

Our Fuel Tabs are 100% active ingredient in precise amounts. No binders, and impossible to duplicate.

Proven Results

4 Billion gallons of fuel treated in 20 countries for more than a decade. Measurable, long term results.

Fuel Savings Plus

Lowers emissions. Cleans engine. Less maintenance. More power. Less carbon build up.

It started with developing a more efficient burn rate in solid fuel rocket engines to
studying and applying the same knowledge of chemistry to commercial and consumer hydrocarbon engines.

Billions of gallons of fuel treated


YEARS of research

80 Upto

Percent Lower Emissions

20 Upto

Percent Savings on Fuel

We developed, perfected and patented, the very first Fuel Catalyst Tablet. 35 years, and millions invested in research and development, our Fuel products are the most trusted in the industry.

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We prefer to let the RESULTS
speak for themselves

7.21% - 22.67% reduction in NOX

Utah State Emission Testing of 23 gasoline vehicles.

11.70% increase in fuel efficiency

Davis County Sheriff’s Office, Utah

5% - 10% increase in fuel efficiency

Walmart Transportation and Logistics Division

7% increase in fuel efficiency in Trucks

City of Hamilton, Ontario Canada

3.7% (13.03 hp) increase in horsepower

2011 Ford F250 Super Duty Diesel.

Money Saved is Money Earned

You will save money at the pumps yes, but less maintenance means fewer oil changes, fewer filter changes, longer lasting spark plugs, fewer repair bills.

Our Tabs ARE Fuel

Because our PATENTED pre-activated hydrocarbon carrier comes from fuel, when you introduce Xcelerate Tabs into your fuel tank, they become part of fuel again, not an additive like other products.

Carbon Plaque

Xcelerate Fuel Tabs remove carbon build up and stop carbon plaque from interfering with optimul performance in the future.

Organo-Metallic Compounds

Xcelerate Fuel Tabs were born from Nobel prize winning discoveries in organo-metallic compounds combined with modern rocket science burn rate technology.

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